What’s it all about?

ICST.QI is a simple, fully integrated and practical support tool providing an interactive platform on which to learn from, as well as host and collaborate Quality Improvement projects.

Efficient and time saving in its step by step approach, it provides you and your team with everything you need to start positively affecting patient outcomes. From tried and tested QI techniques and instructional videos, to bite size learning modules and access to an extensive QI library, it enables you to start affecting change immediately.

QI Library

The ICST.QI membership gives you access to QI ideas and examples of QI projects published by other authors. Use the search function within the library to find relevant material and other successful QI projects to utilise and implement in your own practice or role.

With such an ever evolving and continuously growing resource, you will be able to access information relevant to your current QI goals, aligning you and your team with prevalent changes and developments.

QI Projects

Regardless of experience or understanding of quality improvement implementation the ICST.QI offers a range of tutorials and support to get your QI project up and running.

Using standardised and internationally acclaimed quality improvement approaches and techniques, your QI project will evolve and once completed, it is a simple click away from publishing your work to the ICST.QI library. Your project can then be shared with others, allowing your peers to utilise your template and subsequently be included as part of their publication. Not only sharing your own knowledge and best practice but helping to reduce inappropriate variations.

Your Dashboard

With an easy to use interface your dashboard will be your own portal into a comprehensive educational and quality improvement network.

Providing you with the ability to connect not only with your team but with like-minded peers by giving you access to contacts, chat rooms and forums, whilst being the gateway to your very own quality improvement journey

Learning Library

As well as providing tutorials and support to get your QI project up and running the ICST.QI platform gives you immediate access to the ICST education centre, including over 60 respiratory courses.

All courses are bite sized and available online, affording you time as well as ease of use, all the while being delivered by the leading experts from across the world. Quality learning truly at its most accessible.


Here we host a range of important documents and white papers, clinical guidelines and case studies. You can also engage with the forums to discover what your peers are thinking and doing. The support tools are there to help your clinical practice.

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