Evaluating the uptake and completion rates comparing three different training delivery models at a National level

Analysis of the ARTP spirometry accreditation programme for Wales. Each of the seven Health Boards has chosen a specific delivery model to meet their local requirements for spirometry standards. Three different delivery models have been developed and rolled out with differing success.

PhD studentship to implement and evaluate a national Respiratory Education Programme (NREP) in primary care across Wales

Mixed qualitative and quantitative evaluation methodologies using various types of questionnaires and assessment tools, such as timed and non-timed MCQ assessments, interactive case studies, monitoring passive and interactive video learning, self-evaluation, interviews and feedback forms. Clinical and service provision outcome data will be collected in conjunction with data from the National primary and secondary care COPD audit, QOF register and Public Health Wales, to name a few.

Analysis of the engagement distribution for each component of a competency-based clinical educational programme

Evaluation of 300 nurses and healthcare workers and the rates of completion of four distinct elements of an accreditation programme for spirometry – e-learning, face-to-face workshop, e-portfolio and an observed structured clinical event (OSCE).

Analysis of the marketing strategies and outcomes of a range of educational interventions

Evaluation of the different marketing strategies and outcomes regards enrolment, engagement, engagement frequency and completion of structured e-learning programmes.

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The impact of social media on knowledge transfer

Evaluation of a range of different social media interventions such as Facebook, Twitter and bespoke feeds to facilitate knowledge transfer in a range of different clinical groups.

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